Programs of business development
- We screen for, identify, and implement solutions

- promptly prepare projects for investment committees and screening

- organize business missions and regional markets

Market research
We survey markets

We test usability of interfaces of digitals products

We study the health of a brand and evaluate the effectiveness of communications with users

Integration of IT solutions
We configure and support services:

- communication platforms

- bonus programs for clients and employees

- video analysis, including pattern recognition

Up-to-date #AI data driven solutions
The StartUp Accelerator Travel
investment partners
Organizing and conducting a pre-acceleration program

practice seminars
Smart City corporate accelerator

Project trials in Germany, Spain, USA, Singapore, with local industrial partners and investors
investment partners
In 2014-2019, Business missions
Facilitation of business trips for representatives of businesses, and state-owned enterprises to Germany, France, and Singapore.

International Acceleration Seed Forum Global
Eight years of annual investment forums under the brand of Seed Forum Global, an international alliance in partnership with Moscow stock exchange
Formula IT corporate accelerator
industrial partners
Investment session for the mayor of Dusseldorf, Germany
Investment session for private investors
Regional sessions for entrepreneurs, investors, and industrial partners

Program for the development of regional entrepreneurship

Corporate accelerator

Industry partners required screening for innovative solutions within industries of:
— Entertainment and interactive design
— Media
— Fashion

Organization of a corporate accelerator

Initiation of innovative projects and securing grants
Research to assess the current state of the company
More than 150 projects
projects over 10 years in 55 countries
40,000 startups in our proprietory CRM system for technology projects
years, of training and facilitating cooperation between high-tech companies, corporations, and investors in 55 countries
a large number of experts in our team, producing high-quality projects
Alexander Loktionov
CEO of LOGA Group

15 years of experience of work with technology projects and corporations. Development of innovative projects, securing investments, investor relations, business efficiency. Trained thousands of startup projects based on global investment practice.
Roman Vinogradov
Project director
Ekaterina Eliseeva
Head of acceleration programs
Konstantin Shadrin
Mentor, project Manager
Maria Morozova
Project Manager
Lev Trossman
Project Manager
Yulia Semyonova
PR Manager
Irina Bolohan
Project Manager
Arthur Suptelya
Join our programs
LOGA Group conducts market access programs and training for fast-growing companies - be among them!
Experts and consultants
Steinar Hoel Korsmo
Founder and Director of the Foundation Seed Forum Global, General partner at LOGA Group
Alexey Sokolov
LOGA Group partner in Europe. Director of development at HERE Technology marketplace,Germany

Dmitry Torshin
Business coach, partner of LOGA Group. Entrepreneur, expert in managing project teams and startups, more than 9 years of managerial experience
Nikolay Zaichenko
Founder and Director of Alexander Nevsky law society
Klaus Gausvik
LOGA Group partner in Asia. Klaus has 15 years of experience in business consulting, market research, and networking.
Sergey Ivanov
Mentor, LOGA Group partner. Led the development of the Altair Capital international venture capital co-investment platform.
Dmitry Kovalenko
Expert of the Committee on innovation and venture financing of the Association of Entrepreneurs
Alexander Tokarev
Partner of LOGA Group,
Experienced in development of industrial projects and market studies.

A general partner and a founding member of Seed Forum Global acceleration fund
An accredited partner of the Fund for Assistance to Innovations
Seed Forum Global, Seed Forum Global Acceleration Fund

В международных программах Seed Forum участвуют более 25 000 инвесторов в 55 странах мира. За 17 лет более 3 500 компаний успешно привлекли финансирование.

Программы LOGA Group соответствует международным инвестиционным практикам Seed Forum Global Acceleration Fund

17 000 выпускников. 300 контрактов с предпринимателями заключаются на прохождение программы пре-акселерации ежегодно.

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