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 Seed Forum Moscow is a one day forum from 9.45 am hosted in the headquarters of Moscow Exchange in the financial district of Moscow, and there is an a Seed Forum Evening Reception kindly held in partnership with the Russian Venture Company starts at 17.00. 

Since 2010 Seed Forum Russia is co-founded by LOGA Group company. Seed Forum Moscow will present investor ready companies to the Moscow and international Business Angel and  VC-community. You will have the pleasure of meeting the executives of aspiring born global companies from all over the Russia and European countries, who will present their investment case at the forum. Each of the presenting companies has been deemed suitable subsequent to a selection process by the Seed Forum selection panel. There is no success fee and investors will meet the companies in person.

Seed Forum Moscow offers private investors, seed and venture funds, corporate venture and family offices as well as other key finance intermediaries a first-hand insight into a selected group of innovative born global companies which aspire to expand their businesses.

Seed Forum is a global organization hosting investor conferences in more than 50 countries and is considered as one of the most professional and experienced venues for presentations of investor ready start-up companies worldwide.

There is no success fee and investors will meet the companies in person.

You may find more information about Seed Forum here.

  Moscow Exchange is Russia's largest securities exchange group, it ranks among world's top 20 exchanges by trading volume and total market cap of shares traded, and among the top 10 derivatives exchanges. Moscow Exchange actively promotes the development of Russia's financial market and its infrastructure, and strives to make its trading venues and services more attractive to domestic and foreign investors and issuers.

You may find more information about Moscow Exchange here.

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