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About company

    LOGA Group offers the best programs for fast-growing high-tech companies and corporations: company presentation.

    LOGA Group provide best market access services to open innovation ecosystem in Commonwealth of Independent States and globally:

Projects market access

Acceleration programs

Event management

Investment expertises and marketing analytics

IT SAAS solutions for corporate accelerators (upon request) 

    Since 2010, LOGA Group is the general partner of the Seed Forum International Foundation in Russia and co-founder of the international investment forum Seed Forum. Annual Forum is running with «Moscow Exchange». Strategic partnership with Seed Forum International Foundation and «Moscow Exchange» allows LOGA Group to work as a financial consultant for listing, have a developed network of international partners such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Innovation Norway Foundation, the Singapore State Enterprise Development Agency, Innovation Center in Charlottenburg, etc. in 50 countries.

    LOGA Group conducts international programs in Western Europe, Germany, Singapore and other countries. The partners and customers of the company are the largest corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Danfoss, Cisco, Panasonic, Renaissance Investment Management, VTB24, Skolkovo Fund and Technopark, etc.

    From 2013 to the present, the company is a resident of Moscow's leading techno park «STROGINO». LOGA Group entered the TOP-5 suppliers of Russian Venture Company. The following projects had been accomplished: the SmartCity GenerationS corporate accelerator, the GenerationS pre-accelerator, the Regional Practical Consulting Sessions, the National Technological Initiative's projects acceleration. More than 15,000 entrepreneurs took part in these programs.