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About company

    LOGA Group offers the best programs for fast-growing high-tech companies and corporations: company presentation.

    LOGA Group provide best market access services to open innovation ecosystem in Commonwealth of Independent States and globally:

Projects market access

Acceleration programs

Event management

Investment expertises and marketing analytics

IT SAAS solutions for corporate accelerators (upon request) 


    In 2010 LOGA Group became general partner of Seed Forum Global in European part of Eurasia and co-founded Seed Forum accelerator in the region. Today 25 000 investors are taking part in our programs in 55 countries. In 15 years more than 3 500 Seed Forum alumni companies got private investments.

    LOGA Group partners and clients are IBM, Microsoft, Danfoss, Cisco, Panasonic, Morton (Pik), Innovative Markets «Moscow Exchange», «Skolkovo» Fund, Renaissance Investment Management, «Sberbank» Robotechniques Laboratory. Innovative high growing companies: Triad.de, AdestoTechnologies, Visionlabs.ai, Litres.ru and many others.

    By 2018 more than 15 000 entrepreneurs became alumni of LOGA Group acceleration programs in European part of Eurasia, western Europe, Singapore and north America.